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Create CNAMES in DNS or GlobalNames in Windows Server 2008

I have a new Windows Server 2008 domain environment along with AD Integrated DNS.

I have configured the GLOBALNAMES zone to replace NetBIOS. However I can't decide what that's for (if anything) besides computer names. For example, should I add webpage cnames there?

In DNS domain forward lookup zone I have myserver-ilo with the ip address of the HP iLO card in it. If you go to http://myserver-ilo.mydomain.com you'll get the page. But want to be able to leave out the mydomain.com piece. So should I add the CNAME record for myserver-ilo that points to the FQDN record in the regular forward lookup zone or in the GlobalNames zone? I think it works either way. I just want to make sure I'm doing it correctly.

Windows Server 2008

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