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Same issue: unable to upload report through CMC and 'new report' button. CRPE32.dll is there. Unable to use Local Service fix due to CAT I hit. Any other way to fix?

When I use the 'new report' button on the CMC website in BO XI, I get this error
There was an error while retrieving data from the server: Failed to read data from report file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\xxxxx.rpt. Reason: Operation not yet implemented. File C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\tmpreport\~ci1420594c34484c0.rpt.

I have verified that CRPE32.dll is on both the Web server and the BO XI database server (from a previous entry and listed fix).
I am unable to use Local Service fix of using that account for the App pool in IIS 6.0 due it producting a Category I hit on the Gold Disk scan.  Is there any other way to fix this problem?

I know it has to do with the priveleges for the App pool account.  What exactly are those priveleges? And could I give those needed to another account?
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