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How to check on errors on Apache Tomcat

Hi Experts,

One of our web server, with apache Tomcat installed would experience webpage display problem occasionally.   Every few days or so, the website could not be load.  We thought it might have application bug or it could had been memory (RAM usage) problem that cause the error, but after monitoring the memory counters with Performance Monitor for a week, it seems to be stable and well.

The trouble part is that we have vendor that do the application development on that server, while we host the physical machine and monitor the website's status.  We would like to figure out what cause the for the error.  When the site cannot display, just restart the Apache Tomcat service, the site would be available right away.  We hope to get some idea, so can ask the vendor to look into the problem and hopefully get that fix (we assume it's the application error that draws the Apache to a halt, but unsure on that)

Sorry, I am not too family was how Apache works... is there any logging that we can use to investigate?  The machine is a windows 2003, and System Event Log and Application Log don't show any warning nor errors.  We can only see that Apache goes into stop state, terminates unexpectedly, and enters into running state.  But that has to do with us manually restarting the service.

Any pointers and ideas for this issue?  Thank you...
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