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Copy string from char to next char

Hi Experts,

I have a database with a few fields and I converted the information of the database to a text file,  now I want to read the information from the text file, the thing I would like some help on is on how to copy a piece from the string from a certain char(&) until the next char(&) and then delete the first piece and then copy the next piece again... Can any Expert please help me with this..

Thanx in advance

Here is an example of the record in text format:

OAK&12299&OAK12299&783&1&6221&112&81256&13/02/2009&43&&&&2&79016&PHILANI  NJOBE&727.875&3276&0&Liters entered by pieter
OAK&12299&OAK12299&783&1&6221&112&81256&13/02/2009&43&&&&2&79016&PHILANI  NJOBE&727.875&3276&0&Liters entered by pieter

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