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Access not permitted.You are not authorized to perform this operation(AMQ4036)

I have installed Websphere MQ 6.0 on windows on 2 servers.Both the servers are having the same OS version installed(Windows 2003 server Standard edition).Both the PCs are joined under the same domain and both are being logged in by the same user.
Then, I have created a Queue Manager (QM_1) on node1 and a second Queue Manager (QM_2) on node2. Then from node1 I tried  to create a cluster. First, I gave the name of the local Queue Manager(QM_1) that is local to node1.Then I gave the name of the second Queue Manager (QM_2) i.e. the Queue Manager of the remote machine(node2).Then I supplied all the information that includes Host name/IP address, Port Number,Server-Connection Channel.The Server connection name is taken by dafault(System.Admin.Svrconn).Now when I am trying to connect to the remote queue it is showing an error message.The error message is "Access not permitted.You are not authorized to perform this operation(AMQ4036)".
Can you please help me to find out the solution for this problem?
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