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Gmail. I need to ckeck out whether a person have , read the mail i have send .

I am having a gmail account.
I am sending mails from my gmail account to people having gmail account/ non gmail account.
My problem.
I want to check out whether i the recepient opened the mail and read. Or simply deleted my mail , after seeing my mail with out reading/or opening the mail that i have send him.

In my office i use lotus notes, its email client have the above mentioned facility.
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gmail don't include this option, to use it you must use a mail manager with your gmail account
and you can try with something like this:
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Or sugest me some service which will give me this option.
Ciby baby Punnamparambil.
Give me some more option to be used in gmail.
Do uou want to use only gmail or can use a client of mail?

If you only want to use the web interface you can't do what you need from gmail, So you need a software solution that adds functionality to your mail account
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I am ready to use a special email client software from which i will send me the email.
But i need to use my gmail email ID.
The whole purpose of the thing is,
I want to check whether my repentant receives the mail and open the mail or simply he deletes the mail with out even opening it.

Ciby Baby
I think I understand what you want to achieve, but you can't ever be sure about the receiver reading your messages or not (deleting without reading), as many mail clients have functions that counteract the message tracking attempts you may want to use. You'll end up with very unreliable results. Employing sneaky methods to check on people isn't really considered good form, either, so the best method is to get into an understanding with the people you send mail to, asking them to acknowledge receipt of your messages.