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Offline Files synchronization hangs


My clients network consits of about 25 users and two DCs running SBS 2008 and workstations all run Windows XP.

Folder redirection of Desktop, Start Menu and My Documents is set up to redir to server. These folders automatically become offline folders as per default of Windows. On all users, synchronization occurs during logon/logoff.

One user's synchronization just hangs before it starts, where it says "scanning". No progress bar or anything. Only on rare occasions does it actually work.

I have reset the offline cache several times. The size of the offline folders is less than 10MB.

It is not a network issue or congestion while all users logon/logoff because this issue appears randomly throughout day.

Computer is very up to date via WSUS.

Synchronization of all other users are successful and quick.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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