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Store.exe using all my RAM, causing slow performance...


I have 2 newish servers running Windows Server 2008 (64bit) with Exchange 2007 installed.

The specs are:

E5420 @ 2.50 x2
Various hard drives at RAID5

However both seem to slow after around 24 to 48hrs after a restart.

Looking at resource monitor i notice 3.8GB of the 4GB of RAM is being used with the majority being taken up by STORE.exe. I have read the mass of pages that tell me store is designed to work this way and it should reallocated RAM as it is required by other process's on the server.

Still, users will notice mapped network drives becoming slow after this period, as well as emails taking longer to open and generally poor performance all round.

Is there just not enough RAM there, I have 2 exchange databases (on each server), which come to a total of 30GB, There are around 30users on each server accessing via the mapped network drives. Around 40 exchange mailboxes on each server.

Any ideas?

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