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Cant Use VS 2005 Crystal Reports in VS 2008?

I am converting a VB.Net application written in VS 2005 to run in C# using VS 2008. I have both VS 2005 and VS 2008 installed on my XP Pro machine. I have my VS 2008 options set to target the .Net 3.5 framework. I have already installed both the VS service pack 1 and the service pack for Crystal Reports Basic 2008.

The existing application includes about 50 reports that were created in VS 2005. When I run the old app in VS 2005 debug, everything works fine. The reports are using xsd data sources and runtime parameters to pull data from SQL server. They do exactly what they are supposed to do when I run the app in VS 2005 VB.

When I run in C# VS 2008 all I get is a C++ memory exception. If I try to view or watch the exception objects, all I get is a long list of "cannot interpret because a native frame is on top of the stack" or something like that. This exception comes up before the report ever tries to query any data. If I try to set a variable to the report tables, I get an error because there are no tables, no database, nothing. I only get that message about the native frame on top of the stack.

The VS 2008 code is running against a new server, but even if I use the old connection strings and the old server and the old database, the reports still will not run in VS 2008. The VS 2005 code and reports all runs against the old server and old database.

Some of the reports will display data correctly in design mode preview, while others display some default stuff like colors names and data types. Why do they display correct data in design mode, but then wont work in runtime? Is this a compatibility issue? A framework version issue? Am I going to have to recreate these reports from scratch using the VS 2008 designer? Or is there a way to "import" them and "upgrade" them using the existing reports created in VS 2005?
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