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Outlook 2007 Color Categories

We are using Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2007. We have shared mailboxes and we would like to use color categories. Problem is that when user A select some color category user B doesnt see same color. So this settings is individual and we would like to share these categories Any idea how we can solve this problem?
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It is possible to share categories, just not the category colors.  If you assign an item to a category called Replied, the anyone sharing the box will see that category for any item you assign to that category.  But, if you assign green as the category color for items categorized as "Replied" in your mailbox, no one else will see the items in green.  Instead they will see them in whatever color Outlook uses for categories that have not been color coded.  Does that make sense?  Of course if you each assign Green to the category replied, then you will both see them in green.  You just have to coordinate the category colors with your peers.
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Okay, there is sense. Do you mean that there is no way to share colors? We have planned to use colors like traffic lights but looks like it doesnt work. I was thinking that maybe some 3rd party addins might handle this but i dont know.
yeah...third party "might". Even i have no idea :)
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