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Is there a difference between a Roaming Profile Cache and the Local Profile ?


I have no choice but to support Roaming Profiles (yipee !).  Anyway, I have read articles describing a Roaming Profile Cache on the local workstation and you can delete it upon logoff.  Does anyone know if there is a difference between the local profile created which syncs with the roaming profile on the server and this cache ?  I am wondering if there is a folder on the local workstation which stores this outside of the profile folders.  Even reading how to use Microsoft's 2003 utility Delprof has an option to delete the cache as well (/r) which is supposed to leave the local profile intact.

Where am I going with this ?  Well I have a very limited amount of users that I have had issues with getting roaming to work for them consistently.  I see in the event viewer issues with syncing of files when logging in where they are inuse and thus the process breaks and the user gets the default profile because Windows thinks it cannot locate the roaming profile.  There is no corruption in either the local or roaming profile which is the good part.  I want to see if there is some sort of a cache and what role it plays in this process.  For now I use a GPO to take their particulat machines off roaming where the local profile does not propagate up to the server as they are the only ones using these particular PCs.  Thank you !
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