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installed squirrelmail; not getting emails but can send out; do I have to forward ports such as 25

I installed courierimap; openssl ; openssh; cyrusssasl; courierauthlb; squirrelmail; I have port 80 forwarded; I ran the squirrelmail configtest and it shows everything is fine; I telnet to all my ports ie..
25: 110; 995; using telnet localhost;## and also cheching openssl ; all seems to work fine...;
so once again I can send emails out and they arrive at another mail server; but when the other mail server tries to respond the email gets sent back with ; 'no user here' message..; I guess the email cannot get in.; so my question is ; does telnet to localhost to port whatever establish that that port is open or do I have to forward one or more ports like I did with the http port?
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