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Backing up Exchange Server using iDrive

We have a server with Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange, Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Servers, iDrive for Business backup with 100GB offline capacity (with incremental backups and versioning)

I am 90% sure the version of Microsoft Exchange is 2003 but I do not know how to check.

I would like a way of exporting the Exchange to a file which would then be backed up offsite over the internet using iDrive.

One way I tried is using the Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Backup to export the Exchange to a .bkf file.  The problem is (1) I don't know if it backed up everything (2) It generates a large file (30 gigabyte) which is somewhat problematic for the online backup.  

I would ideally like a process which exports the Exchange to individual folders (for each person) and sub-folders (for each directory they have).  This can then be easily backed up by the online backup and also emails would be easy to retrieve.

Does anyone have any idea how I can do this, or offer a better solution?

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