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I can't remove mdmcls32.exe

I have a computer that was infected and I have cleaned all the infections that CA didn't protect. I found that mdmcls32.exe was related to CA and I tried to remove the program. It needed a password to remove the parental controls and the End user didn't know what it was. So I manually removed it from the registry and directory structure. Execept for a file called CCshellext.dll. I can't unregister it or delete it manually in safemode.
As for the mdmcls32.exe file I can delete it but it comes back in less than 15 seconds. I tried taking the hard drive out and putting it in another computer and looked for all files with mdmc and deleted the 2 that came up and still it came back when I booted the computer.
Any ideas?
I also tried to do a panda scan but took over 12 hours and it was going through the C\windows\installer files. there are a ton of installers in there. Can I delete them all?

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