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delete folder

I have someone that has backed up their itunes to the server.
Now there is a itunes folder with many sub folders and 60 gb of songs
on the server. When I went to delete the folder it say's can not delete
due to file in use. So I shut down the server and restarted and same issues.
I booted in safe mode and same issue, can anyone tell me how to delete this folder ?
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Where you booting into Safe Mode with networking? Did you shutdown iTunes and/or the PC that uploaded the songs? That PC may be currently accessing those files.

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I don't know how into putting software on that server you are but this should do the trick.
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TK-77, I booted into safe mode ...not networking and turned off all other computers on network so nothing running  not itunes anywhere.

Smashpmk712 I already loaded that and have used it in hte past, unloker said no locking handle found and i told it to delete and no help.

i have moved the folder and renamed the folder but can not delete it.
nothing can be accessing it so I do not know why I can not get rid of it.
Just to double check... is the folder read only? also can you take ownership of it? I don't know why that would work but its worth a shot....
well I thought that might work, as I went to take ownership it showed who put it there and I changed ownership to me administrator, removed all permission except for full control to me and still can not delete ???
you said you could move it right? My suggestion would be to move it to external HDD, then format the drive.... folder gone....
nice idea but I do not have a 60 gb external drive available to me,
and I was looking for a way to understand why this is happening so it does not happen again.
I can think of 2 possible reasons for this,

1. your HDD is has a bad sector or two (chkdsk COULD fix this)
2.something on the server is trying to use the folder at startup(not likely)

Other than that I'm stumped!
thanks for the help, I will try chkdsk tonight, the server is online now.
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Smashpmk712 took a lot of time helping resolve the issue.