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How do I troubleshoot web generated email not being received by certain users?

I am having a wierd email issue that I need assistance with.  I am going to use in place of our actual domain name for my question.  When someone registers on our website for our PMI training, certain users are not receiving the registration emails.  When someone registers for a class,  our Training mailbox is supposed to receive the email plus the person who registered.  I have a mailbox setup on our Exchange server with as it's email address.  Our training mailbox never receives the email,but the person who registered does.  Here is our setup:
-  Website is hosted with Server Intellect.  Website is setup to send (or pretend to send)registration email from to and  The web developer that setup our training pages also has (who is one of my users on our Exchange server) being bcc'd on the registration emails.  What's strange is that Bill gets them??  When the email is generated, the web developer has the FROM coming from
-  Our domain is registered thru GoDaddy.  Our domain is pointed to the nameservers at Server Intellect.
-  Our internal active directory domain is the same as our external domain
-  We use an internal Exchange 2007 server.
I checked the message tracking logs on my Exchange server.  I performed a filter on email coming from  It found the registration emails that received.  It's as if our website is using my internal Training mailbox to send the email, but the IP it originates from is the IP of one of our nameservers at Server Intellect.  I verified this by looking at our external DNS settings.  I also have a SPF record setup for our domain.  Just for laughs, I tested adding the IP our website was using to send the email to our SPF record, but that didn't work.  Is it a DNS issue, SPF record issue, Exchange server issue, or how our website is generating the email.  What is very confusing is if is getting the emails, why isn't receiving the emails.  I am desperate for any help.  It is very important that we get this working.

Thank you!!
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Hi, do you have an anti-spam firewall?

If so then add to the whitelist  

If you are using exchange to do it the use this:

Using EMS, try the following:
set-contentfilterconfig -BypassedSenders

Here's a couple blogs worth reading

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I am using Trend Micro Scanmail for Exchange as our spam filter.  I added to the whitelist and made sure all the anti-spam agents on the Exchange server were disabled.  I tested registering and I still didn't get the email at  
When I registered I used my gmail account and I received the registration email there just fine, which has been working.  I did look at the message source on the email that I received at my gmail account and found something interesting.  I have attached that portion of the message source here (again, is substituted for our actual domain):
Return-Path: <>
Received: from ([])
        by with ESMTP id 8si15688141gxk.15.2009.;
        Wed, 25 Feb 2009 14:17:44 -0800 (PST)
Received-SPF: softfail ( domain of transitioning does not designate as permitted sender) client-ip=;
Authentication-Results:; spf=softfail ( domain of transitioning does not designate as permitted sender)

Could it have something to do with our SPF record?  But then again, is still receiving the registration emails.  His account and the Training account are setup the same way on my Exchange server.  I don't get it.  I am going to try what icfire suggested.

Thanks for any help!!!
I goofed and gave out our domain.  Oh well.  :-(
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When you say exclude, do you mean add that to my SPF record so that it is an accepted source for email.  Would I just add it as a hostname to the SPF?  
To answer your question, the user that was getting the email from our website was being bcc'd.
I'm confused about that - if he is getting it, why isn't my Training mailbox getting it.  Would it still be the SPF record?

Thanks for your quick response,
Yes, it should be an accepted source of email.  Do not add just, but just add the user and  I know that the BCC works, but you should add it JIC.

Also, for grins, do a BCC to also.  If it goes is this acceptable?  This way you keep the integrity of your SPF record without allowing potential spoofs.
I figured out it wasn't anything on my end.  The web developer did not have the registration emails sending to  She only had it setup to bcc one of my users.  Something that was just overlooked.  She has now added in the TO field and it is working.  Thanks to both of you for your comments.  Very informative even though i ended up not needing them.

Thanks again
awesome job.