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Email accidentally sent to all users

We had a user today accidentally send an email of sensitive material to every user on our Exchange server.  She addressed an external address (not in our organization) in the To field, and there were no addressees listed in either CC or BCC.  We have a distribution group set up for All Email Users, but that wasn't selected.  When I look in Exchange System Manager and the tracking of the message she sent, it lists the message as being delivered to each user's mailbox individually, not the distribution group.  I was wondering (more specifically, management is asking me to find out) if there could possibly be a glitch in Exchange Server that would allow this to happen, or is this purely user error?  She sent a second message right after this sensitive one to the same external user that ended up going to all users again, but these two are the only ones that this happened with and she's sent messages to this individual user before with no problem.  Coincidentally, the Exchange Server crashed in the middle of the night last night and had to be forcibly rebooted, but it seemed to be working fine before she sent these messages.  Any ideas of how I might track this further?  
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Wait wait.. i agree to the first part........ Butt You can surely get that email from all the users Inbox :-)
you can use exmerge for that... download exmerge and run it.. it will give an option to take a perticular email with some subject or body.. and you can extract that email from all the users Inbox....
try it man.. it works........

FYI : the exmerge i said can only be used for INTERNAL Users
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I should have been more clear....RECALLING.....
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Thanks.  I figured it was a user error, but I just wanted to cover my @ss.  She tried to use Recall, but it definitely didn't work for users that had already read the message.  I then used Exmerge to purge that message out of all mailboxes.  I now have the "priviledge" of searching every one of the 175 PCs for evidence that this file has been accessed (the attachment was the sensitive part).  Joy!  Thanks all!
It was confirmed the user had saved the intended recipient's name with the properties of All Email Users for the email address.  Oops!  Thanks again, all!
How can I track an email sent to a specific address some time after it was sent?  We're using MS Exchange 2003 and I need to find out who has sent mails to one specific email address.
Can I use exmerge for this?
You should be able to use the Message Tracking Center from within Exchange System Manager to do that.  There's an option to search for mail sent to a specific address from there.
Thank you very much fabiouness - I'll look into that.