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Alphabetical Paging using a GridView

I just sign up for Experts Exchange 2 minutes ago because I just can seam to figure out how to accomplish this.  

I'm trying to create a Alphabet pager using a GridView control.

Now, what I was able to do was to dynamic create the A-Z Link Buttons on page load.  That works great!  Then, when you click any letter it WILL load the data into the GridView Control for that letter.

Here's where my problem is.  In the Properties of the GridView I have the AllowPaging set to TRUE and the PageSize = 10.  I only want to show 10 records at a time.

When you click on any letter the GridView loads the first 10 records for that letter and then shows, in the footer, the additional pages.  So if you click on B, it loads the first 10 record that match the B and then will show that there are 8 more pages for the B record.  If I click on the number 2 to see the next set of records for the letter B the GridView goes blank.

I've attached a code snippet so you can see what I've done thus far.  It includes my main page and code behind page.  

Can someone please help me.
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