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How do I extend the Demarc

Can anyone explain to me the process of extending the DEMARC?

My carrier dropped off our T1 in the outside closet and the networking equipment is located inside the building on the other side.  What I was thinking of doing is running a long cat5 cable from the Adtran router to the ethernet switch in the inside closet. In that closet we have all of the wall drops coming in and to the patch panel and plugged into the switch.

Is this an ok way of doing it? or is this not really what extending the Demarc is?  I hear people talk about smartjacks, etc...what are those and if I was to do it the right way can soneone explain? Thanks.
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You need to get a network cable ran from wherever you smartjack is to where you router is located.
We just usually run a straight-thru CAT5e cable from the T1 to where the router is.
If it runs a long distance, through floors in a building, etc, you probably want to get a company that specialized in running network cabling to do it for you. The smartjack has an rj 45 connector that you plug a network cable into. It is a wired as a straight-through cable.
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Off the back of the adtran there is a NIC where my router plugs into it.  That adtran is right next to the smartjack i believe...., so in this case am i ok just running a patch cable long enough from the adtran nic to the router inside the building?
Yes, there would be a straight-through cable going from the smart jack to the Adtran, then another straight-through cable going from the Adtran to your router.
Now a smart jack is usually for a T1 and goes straight to the router, not an Adtran. Is this not a T1 circuit.
As long as you are within 300ft that will work fine.
its a MPLS T1 circuit....whatever is back there I have my internet coming right off the adtran. I would normally plug in a router here to distribute out internet....however I dont want to put the router in that same room because all of my drops from the walls come to the patch panel inside. What do you suggest? I can run a cable from the adtran over to the router inside...but what are my distance limits?
The limit on Cat5e is 100M or 328ft. As long as you are well under that, the you should be good running the cable.
I am.  In an event that something like that is over 100m what do you suggest?
You would probably need to go with fiber, but I have never extended a demarc using fiber. I am sure it would work fine.
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A T1 rides in on a single pair of phone wire (cat3). You could splice it, run it, and reterminate no problem.
A T1 rides in on a single pair of phone wire (cat3). You could splice it, run it, and reterminate no problem.