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Remote Web Workplace trouble

I have an interesting problem with Remote Web Workplace.  We're trying to connect to one of the user PCs.  I can remotely connect to the server and use Remote Desktop within the network to control the user PC with no problem, whether I use administrator or the user's account.  Whether I connect to RWW using the administrator account or the user's account, and whether I attempt to connect to the server or the user's PC, I receive "Connecting" box in the webpage window, then a long pop-up error message "The client could not connect to the remote computer.  Remote connection..."

I am able to connect to other servers and PCs (not at this site) using RWW without any problem, and we're having the problem on several PCs attempting to connect to this site.  Therefor it doesn't seem likely to be related to the local PC's ActiveX or IE settings.

Any help greatly appreciated!
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