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"Cannot Create ActiveX Component" Error While Opening GroupWise from VB.Net

Hello, all.

I've been wracking my brain for the past three hours with no success.  I've been getting the following error message:

System.Exception: Cannot create ActiveX component.
     at Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.CreateObject(String ProgID, String ServerName)
     at ProgramName.Module1.Main() in C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\VisualStudio 2005\Projects\ProgramName\ProgramName\Module1.vb:line 128

This thing has been giving me a pounding headache since it worked prior to three hours ago.  Then it had issues with publishing in which the setup.exe would fail to run and then throw empty error message boxes at me.  I had to restart the machine to get that to go away, but now the e-mail portion of all this doesn't want to work.  Yes, GroupWise is installed on the machine I'm trying to debug on.  In fact, I've been debugging on the same machine it originally worked on.

The files that hold e-mail addresses are your standard "read a line and then save it" kind of thing.  However, the error occurs long before the e-mail recipients are created.

Assistance is much appreciated.  And sorry that I have to change some of the names of values.  I work at a hospital, and I'd rather not--even accidentally--create a HIPAA violation.
Imports System
Imports System.Security
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Web.Mail
Imports System.Net.Mail
Module Module1
    Dim gwRecipients As Object
    Dim recipientFileLoc As String
    Dim recipientFile(2) As String
    Dim recipientNum As Integer
    Dim emailHeader(2) As String
    Dim gwApp As Object
    Dim gwAccount As Object
    Dim gwMailbox As Object
    Dim gwMessages As Object
    Dim gwNewMessage As Object
    Dim MonarchObj As Object
    Sub Main()
        MonarchObj = CreateObject("Monarch32")
        Dim reportTrailer As String
        Dim reportTrailerDay As String
        Dim reportTrailerEval As Integer
        Dim report As String
        Dim reportNames(2) As String
        Dim reportMods(2) As String
        Dim modExports(2) As String
        Dim fileOpen As Boolean
        Dim modOpen As Boolean
        Dim fileExported As Boolean
        Dim gwAttachment As Object
        Dim gwSendMessage As Object
        ' Set up the variables for report names.
        ' For testing purposes
        recipientFileLoc = "C:\Documents and Settings\WORS13818\My Documents\"
        'recipientFile(1) = "Rpt1Recipients_test.txt"
        'recipientFile(2) = "Rpt2Recipients_test.txt"
        ' Production
        'recipientFileLoc = ""
        recipientFile(1) = "Rpt1Recipients.txt"
        recipientFile(2) = "Rpt2Recipients.txt"
        emailHeader(1) = "Rpt1 Report Attached"
        emailHeader(2) = "Rpt2 Report Attached"
        reportNames(1) = "\\servername\Rpt1."
        reportNames(2) = "\\servername\Rpt2."
        reportMods(1) = "C:\Program Files\Monarch\Models\Rpt1.xmod"
        reportMods(2) = "C:\Program Files\Monarch\Models\Rpt1.xmod"
        modExports(1) = "C:\Program Files\Monarch\Export\Rpt1.xls"
        modExports(2) = "C:\Program Files\Monarch\Export\Rpt2.xls"
        ' Generate trailing part of the file name
        Console.WriteLine("Evaluating current date to get report name.")
        reportTrailerEval = Month(Now)
        ' Converts month numbers to alphabetic letters if they go above 9
        If reportTrailerEval < 10 Then
            reportTrailer = CStr(reportTrailerEval)
        ElseIf reportTrailerEval = 10 Then
            reportTrailer = "A"
        ElseIf reportTrailerEval = 11 Then
            reportTrailer = "B"
        ElseIf reportTrailerEval = 12 Then
            reportTrailer = "C"
            reportTrailer = "0"  ' In case of error with the month number so that the program will keep going.
        End If
        ' Adds a zero before the month day if the day is less than 10
        reportTrailerDay = IIf(CStr(Day(Now)) < 10, "0" + CStr(Day(Now)), CStr(Day(Now)))
        reportTrailer = reportTrailer + reportTrailerDay
        Dim reportProcess As Integer
        Dim currentReport As String
        Dim currentModName As String
        For reportProcess = 1 To 2
            ' Determines what report is being run for display to the console window.
            If reportProcess = 1 Then
                currentReport = "Rpt1"
                currentModName = "Rpt1"
                currentReport = "Rpt2"
                currentModName = "Rpt2"
            End If
            ' Process current report through Monarch
            report = reportNames(reportProcess) + reportTrailer
            Console.WriteLine("Opening " + currentReport + " File")
            fileOpen = MonarchObj.SetReportFile(report, False)
            Console.WriteLine("Opening " + currentModName + " Model")
            modOpen = MonarchObj.SetModelFile(reportMods(reportProcess))
            Console.WriteLine("Exporting " + currentReport + " File")
            fileExported = MonarchObj.JetExportTable(modExports(reportProcess), "Master", 0)
            Console.WriteLine("Sending " + currentReport + " File")
                ' Open Groupwise and prepare to create new messages
                gwApp = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareSession") 'ActiveX Control Error!
                gwAccount = gwApp.Login
                gwMailbox = gwAccount.Mailbox
                gwMessages = gwMailbox.Messages
            Catch openex As Exception
                MsgBox(openex.ToString()) ' For testing purposes
                'RecordError("Unable to access GroupWise.")
            End Try
                ' Create new message and holder for recipients
                gwNewMessage = gwMessages.Add("GW.MESSAGE.MAIL", "Draft")
                gwRecipients = gwNewMessage.Recipients
                Console.WriteLine("Getting Current Username")
                gwNewMessage.Subject = currentReport + " Report Attached"
                gwNewMessage.BodyText = currentReport + " Report Attached"
                Console.WriteLine("Attaching " + currentReport + " Report File")
                gwAttachment = gwNewMessage.Attachments.Add(modExports(reportProcess))
                Console.WriteLine("Sending Message")
                gwSendMessage = gwNewMessage.Send
            Catch gwerr As Exception
                RecordError("Failure to create and send " + currentReport + ".")
            End Try
    End Sub
    ' Creates the list of e-mail recipients to 
    Sub CreateEmailRecipients(ByVal filenum As Integer)
        Dim emailFile As StreamReader
        Dim tempRecipients(50) As String
        Dim fullFileName As String
        recipientNum = 0
        ' For testing
        fullFileName = recipientFileLoc + recipientFile(filenum)
        'fullFileName = recipientFile(filenum)
        If File.Exists(fullFileName) Then
            emailFile = New StreamReader(fullFileName)
                While emailFile.EndOfStream = False
                    recipientNum = recipientNum + 1
                    tempRecipients(recipientNum) = emailFile.ReadLine
                End While
            Catch ex As Exception
                RecordError("Unable to read e-mail recipients from " + recipientFile(filenum))
            End Try
            Dim counter As Integer
            For counter = 1 To recipientNum
            Next counter
            RecordError("The following e-mail recipient file was not found: " + recipientFile(filenum))
        End If
    End Sub
    ' Records any errors into ErrorLog.txt file.  Then closes the program to prevent further errors.
    Sub RecordError(ByVal errorDesc As String)
        Dim errorLogName As String
        Dim errorLog As StreamWriter
        ' Open or create the error log file
        errorLogName = "ErrorLog.txt"
        If File.Exists(errorLogName) Then
            errorLog = New StreamWriter(errorLogName, FileMode.Append)
            errorLog = New StreamWriter(errorLogName, FileMode.CreateNew)
        End If
        errorLog.WriteLine() ' Add three carriage returns to the end of each error recorded.
        ' Exit the program after recording the error
    End Sub
End Module

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