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Are there Javascript libraries which provide for panning over an image like Google Maps does?

I just implemented a basic Google Maps mashup and was impressed at how easy it was to do.

However, I was wondering if there were Javascript libraries available which would provide for panning over an image in the same way that one can pan over a map in Google Maps.

For instance, as a thought experiment imagine a huge family tree involving millions of people which, if viewed all at once, would be a 100000px by 100000px image. How would I implement a viewer which would show me a subset of that information? Obviously I'd need some sort of server side app which responded to requests from the interface for particular sections of the image. But what about the client side?

Are there Javascript libraries which have widgets which could be used to build something like that?

Keep in mind that I don't just want panning. I want to be able to click icons on the image and see popup information and other types of dynamic behavior beyond just panning around an image.
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