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How to calculate Weighted Average with Reporting Services?

I am redoing an old report designed in Crystal with Reporting Services.  I am trying to calculate the weighted average but just can't get to the same result as the crystal report.  For each quarter in our fiscal year, the report shows how many people each recruiter hired, how many quit, how many worked less than 60 days and the turnover.

The formula used in Crystal to calculate the weighed average of a quarter is as follows:

WeightedAverage ({Avg_Turnover_by_Years.Turnover}, {@Delta}, {Avg_Turnover_by_Years.QuarterNo})

Ex.: Quarter 4; Turnover=118.51%;@Delta=75; WeightedAverage=3.16%

What other information do I need? I guess I'm not too clear on the concept.
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