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How do I prevent the runtime error 2683 on access 2003 application

On our Windows 2003 server running office 2003, ever since we applied the service patch KB960715, rollup for activeX kill bits, one of our access database application throws runtime error 2683 There is no Object in this control which is Winsock, MSWINSCK.OCX.  When we uninstall this patch and re-apply the activeX the application runs fine.  Is there a better solution to handle this issue since Microsoft will include this patch as part of the OS sometime in near future.
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Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )
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What are you doing with the Winsock control?
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LSMConsulting, Thanks for your response.
In MS Access database, Winsock is used for retrieving small amount of data from central database on our server over Internet.

Is this the one that is designed for use with Access, or the one for use with Visual Basic? They are two different beasts, and while the one for VB might work in Access, it's a matter of time before it fails.

Can you get information from the server in a different method? What sort of database are you using on the server?
One MS Access database is on client's laptop and another MS Access database is on our server. When a user clicks a button at Access Form, WinSock on cliect side talks with WinSock on the server side and then receives data/short text from MS Access database on the server.
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