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Rebooting VPN Between RV082 And RV082

i have some problem with this connection, the problem is that one of this router are rebooting 3 or 4 times at day and the vpn connection it is not turn on again until that turn off and turn on back again the router. any ideas ?
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Determine why one of the routers reboots four times a day.  is it because of power loss.  Is there a newer firmware that is available for the router that will fix this issue?
When one of the routers reboots, does the second router detect the VPN drop or is The VPN seen as up?  See whether there are newer firmware for this router that will fix this problem.

How is the VPN setup, is it setup as a Site-to-site VPN?  Are the IPs at each side static, dynamic, or a combination where one site is static and the other is dynamic?

Unfortunately, other than one router keeps rebooting and the VPN being lost there is no information to go on.
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I have the new firmware 1.3.98-tm , when one of the routers reboots the second router lost connection, the vpn setuo site-to site vpn ? yes, the ips are static both..

The strange is i changed this router for a new and update and this new router keep rebooting 3 or 4 times for day.

It is impossible for me to determine why your router reboots.  What additional configurations did you setup?  I.e. QoS, Port forwarding, UPNP, time restrictions, etc..  The issue could be that the resources you have and the resources required cause a system panic and a reboot.  Other than the VPN are both routers similarly configured?
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