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Passing Parameter from One Form To Another Using VB

Hello Experts,
I have two forms and I would like to pass a value in a text field from one form to another using a button.  Currently I have a button that opens the other form...and as mentioned I would like it to also pass a value from the already opened form.  BTW, my backend is Access 2003 and I am not using a Web Service or SharePoint...so I need to do this with code and since I already have existing VB code I need to stick with that...thanks.

p.s. This is the XPath for the text field value I wish to pass to the other form when it's opened by the button:  ../../@Key_Field
Sub SendToBuyer_OnClick(eventObj)
Dim wshShell 
    Set wshShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
    wshShell.Run ("P:\Purchasing\IAC-TX40\Databases\Frontlog\Production\FrontlogToolProdEMail.xsn")
End Sub

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