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Setting up FTP server on SBS 2003

I've been trying to add the FTP server to my SBS 2003 box.  It keeps asking me for a cd, saying "Some Files on Service Pack 2 CD-ROM are needed."  So I download and burn the ISO for the cd from Microsoft and put it in and nothing.  Any ideas?  This is beyond frustrating.
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lol, yeah, I tried disk 2 for some reason instead of disk 1, that did it.

This doesnt always work. Putting the original disk in still asks for SP2 CD.
To get around this, run the sp2 file  WindowsServer2003-KB914961-SP2-x86-ENU.exe with /? at the end.
This will extract the files to a temp directory - look at the extraction while running and make note of the directory. It will be on a temp area somewhere on the server usually with a 18 or so digit random name.

WHen it finishes extraction it will show an information screen with the options.
Leave this open and on the Insert SP2 cd dialog page - point it to the temp directory noted above. There is an i386 under that. It will check that directory - then it will ask for the standard cd disk 1.
Once the install has finished, click ok on the sp2 screen and it will exit.

This is a quick and dirty way out - you can do other things with the sp2 like extract the files or integrate them. See the help screen for more information.