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Problem Reinstalling Fujitsu Computer

Hello Experts,

I have an Fujitsu Siemens computer ,Scaleo 600 D1875.
SN : 3868980016

Computer worked pefectly until i got some spyware on my computer.
So i decided to clean up computer and format it.
Now i lost the Recovery Disk that came with pc,
So i used an Orginal WIndows XP Service 3 CD.
I booted with the cdrom, removed partitions, made new, format the disk,
Everything workes fine, until the last reboot when he needs to boot into windows.
I get the Windows XP logo, but the bar isn't running, suddenly the logo go away,
and it comes back like in 4 color or something, the text Windows which supposes
to be white is now like Light blue, he freezes on this screen, and nothing happens further on.

I also tried to install Windows with Service Pack 2, identical problem. I used other cd rom drive, to check if it was not faulty, but the same result. I also Swapt the graphical card with other one, but still the same problem. Everything goes fine until last reboot. And then he freezes.
But fysically pc was perfect in order, except for the spyware.
Do i need to boot with some kind of disks first to get this working,
I checked motherboard, It seems to ba SIS motherboard, there's a big chip
with writing on it SIS 964, pna5222,0345fa

You're help is very appreciated
Kind Regards
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