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Strange Outlook Problem - Identity Switch Cancelled

I am having a very strange problem.  I am deploying new workstations and also creating a new Citrix server.  I am getting the following error message whenever a user launches Outlook 2003 - "Identity Switch Cancelled" as the title and then "The current identity could not be changed because one of the applications was unable to switch.  Close any open dialog boxes in other applications before trying again."

This is happening on both the new workstations and the new Citrix server.  I installed Office using SCCM on the workstations and installed it manually on the Citrix server.  I have also redone the administrative install point for Office and I still have the problem.  The current workstations all had the Office installation installed from this same install and they do not have the problem.

To fix the problem, I did the following:

1. Start REGEDIT from the Run box.
2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities
3. You should see a subkey under Identities, like this: {7E7DGDAF-79E4-4B7E-BFCB-04BB83E2A377}
4. Under this subkey you should find a string value called User ID. This value should be *exactly* the same as the afore-mentioned subkey name.

This is fine, but I dont want to do this for every workstation and user that logs into Citrix.  I could probably script it but I dont want to.  Does anyone have any idea why I am getting this error and how to get rid of it?  I have never seen this error before.  It is almost like Outlook is corrupted and not creating the correct keys when the mail profile is created but I dont know.
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That is exactly the same registry fix I have in my original post.  I do not want to have to do this for every workstation and every Citrix user.


I have done some more research on this and The problem you're having is because each Identity has a unique GUID.  By copying the reg entry from the other account, you have given an incorrect GUID to your account and outlook doesn't know what to do with it, so it throws the error

I don't know if there is another possible solution than to create a batch file now that all of the identities have been created (GUIDs).

I have found a few interesting posts here:

Also, if you don't like the script at the end then have a look here:



I have seen all of these links already.  I have spent hours looking into this issue.  Google is not going to give anyone more answers than it gave me.  I have "fixed" the problem already as I stated in my original email by adding the correct string called User ID.  I did not just copy the wrong key in... I followed the instructions above which state the copy an existing GUID for that user.  The problem is... I do not want to have to do this for 85 workstations and 85 Citrix users.  I dont really even want to script this because I feel like it should not be happening to begin with.  I have installed Outlook on probably 50 networks before and I have never run into this problem.  This is a corporate network and Outlook is connecting to Exchange 2003.  Why would it not be creating this key correctly itself when the Outlook profile is setup?


Anyone else have any input?
Since I could not find this on Google, maybe this will help someone else at some point.  The problem was a bug with a program called Workshare Professional.  It is a document comparison program used a lot in law firms.  The fix is posted in their knowledgebase, but apparently that is not crawled by Google.