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sql server services there are no items 2008 express

Hi, I've just installed SQL Server 2008 with advanced services. It all installs smoothly.
When I go in to the Management Studio I see no SQL databases.
I used the option "New SQL Server stand-alone installation" from the Installation Center.

The discovery report says the following:

Sql Server 2008   Management Tools - Basic 1033 Express Edition 10.0.1600.22

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Raja Jegan R
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Have you downloaded your express edition from the below link:

Then kindly check whether all the pre requisites are properly installed so that you wont face this issue again.

Kindly reinstall the product along with the installation of all its prerequisites.
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Thanks Jegan, I've done that with no change to the situation.
Can you share what you have did to solve the issue so that others can benefit out of it.
is your sql server service up and running? if you have successfully installed the server than its probably that your server service did not started.
No, it's not up and running, in fact it doesn't even show on the services list.
its highly probably that your installation failed. You should better uninstall everything related to your sql server installation and reinstall it again.
Thanks Tigin, I tried that, but I'll try again.
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