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Boot error Page Fault In Nonpaged Area 0x00000050

Hi Guy's.
My PC is rebooting with an error of page_fault_in_nonpaged_area with a load of numbers
0x00000050 / 0xed77af35 / 0x8053ce32.
It will boot in safe mode so I looked for infections etc and restored it to an earlier time and looked on the internet for help. I saw advie on reseating the RAM so did that and found that it will boot normally with either RAM chip in either slot but not both. Tried a new RAM module but again does the same.
So the PC wont boot with both modules, new or otherwise, but will boot in safe mode with both installed.
Also saw advice on disabling the page file etc so did that but still having issues.
I'm really lost as to what to do next, your help would be very welcome.
Many thanks.
Simon Baker
Windows XP

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