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Xming Automatic Display number through Xlaunch

I am using Xming X windows system on windows 2003 server also one citrix server on it. we have also some linux server running applications , Through Xlaunch i can be able to launch linux applications to my windows server, i have created one "config.xlaunch" file for my linux application , when i click i can be able to start the linux application to the windows server. it starts on Display 0 , and when i click the "config.xlaunch" file second time it will not start the programe second time because of the server is already started on Display 0. I need to publish the "config.xlaunch" application through citrix so 50 users are going to use it . at a time one user can launch the application , if another user is try to launch it will not start due to the Xming server already started on Display 0, is there any way to start the programe multiple times using single "config.xlaunch" file , like Exceed's automatic display number, i am tried the trial version of Exceed using Exceed the saved ".xs" file i can start the application multiple times, but clicking on the same ".xs" file.  is there any method to start the Xming server with automatic display number like Exceed using the same "config.xlaunch" file, so i can give it through citrix , one published "config.xlaunch"  file 50 users can use the same published application and start the linux application through citrix same time.

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