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Urgent help transforming data into a different view

Hi All,

I need to create a vba macro that will display a set of data available in the
'Main' sheet into the format in the HorizView.
So basically by a click of a button the HorizView will be emptied and then
recreated according to the data available at that time in Main.

Issues to notice:
1- The currency pairs will change.
2- In the example there are 11 pair tables but this number might grown or shrink.
3- MAIN ISSUE: the values for the currency pairs are matched in Horizontal view
 by tenors and the tenor order is changed by pairs

So the HorizView should have a master column of Tenors (as shown)
and values are placed according to their tenors for each pair set.

Thanks for the help!
Visual Basic ClassicMicrosoft Excel

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