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VPN / Draytek / SBS2003 site to site linking Help

I'm after a bit of advice with an installation before i start it.

I currently have a site running Small Business Server 2003. The site IP range is 192.168.1.x
on a standard subnet mask.

The site domain has 5 users on it.

On this site i have a Netgear Router (i might change this to a Draytek 2820n)

My query is,

Iam installing a second site, for which i need to link to the main site using a static VPN link.
The second site will also be running a different domain name naturally (diff company name).

The new site (site 2) will be Small Business Server 2003 also and have a draytek 2820n router.

Before i install SBS2003 on the server for the new site i need some advice on an IP range and subnet to use that will not clash with the main site. I have read  lot that some can overlap and cause issues, rather than steam in i thought id ask some advice.

Secondly. I have a couple of users , lets call them "BOB" and "SAM" on the main site. is it possible to link there profiles to the new site in anyway? or should i simply create a profile on the new site called "BOB" / "SAM" and link there Exchange accounts to the main site?

It was my intention with the VPN setup to create a mapped network address on site 2 to site 1.

Am i overlooking anything here or is there anything i should know about before i stumble on it.

Really appreciate any positive advice and will give points where relevant.

note: i know i can hardware VPN to VPN on the draytek routers, this i will probably do but again im unsure of the ip range and subnets , and making them as compatible as possible.
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