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Files corrupted after running partition utility

I have two Western Digital Raptor 70 Gb in Raid 0 (resulting in 140 Gb)
On the primary partition I have Windows XP, on one extended partition I have several logical disks. Everything is NTFS formatted.
I ran Paragon Harddisk Manager with two operations:
a) Resize  logical disk #2 (shrink it), and leave free space before (not after). This operation will obviously also involve a sliding of the whole logical disk
b) Defrag logical disk #1. I wanted to do this prior to resizing disk #1, to take advantage of the free space gained between logical disk #1 and logical disk #2
However, operation b), defragging, took a lot of time, so I got impatient and stopped it. Normally, a defrag will use a few seconds to wind up and stop the process, I noticed that the defrag in this case stopped instantly, no harddisk activity at all.

Well, after this, data on logical disk #1 AND  logical disk #2 is corrupted. I can boot into the primary partition just fine, it is the extended partition that has become corrupted.
The directory tree on both logical disks is intact. All folders are listed. All files are listed. All files are listed with the correct date and the correct file size. Some files are also intact, but many are corrupted. This applies to all kinds of files. Some very small JPGs are corrupted, some huge video files (1Gb or more) are intact.
I always back up, so this normally is no problem. I have my data saved. But, typically, when an accident happens - working with video there is one precious file that I desperately need, which is not backed up. Extension M2TS (AVCHD transport file).

I have run uncountable utilities to recover my data - in vain. GetDataBack, Acme NTFS recovery - you name it.
Chkdsk reports no errors running from Windows, however, when booting, Chkdsk went mad several times and deleted --> recovered tons of files before booting into Windows, this happened a few times, now this is gone.

What I assume, is that the FAT is maintaining the complete original structure, and sometimes the table points at the right place, sometimes the file has been moved and the table point to a wrong location. The file size is correct, the data is wrong.

Lastly I have run the trial version of an expensive utility, EasyRecovery, and it reports , "critical system structure errors have been found. Run the Full Diagnostic Test". But I do not want to buy it before I know what I am doing. I think this utility, when purchased, will give me a report with a zillion numbers and specific data, positions, cylinders and so on, all I want is my file to be recovered :-)

What I want is advice to move in the right direction. If possible, I want software that recognizes the typical pattern of the AVCHD video transport stream M2TS and can locate it and copy all chunks of it it off the disk, to a safe place. I am sure the data is there - but it is no longer there where the FAT thinks it is..
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WOW, "impatient" is not the correct word when describing your action. While Windows Defragger or other "light" defragging tools do very very slight defragmentation, the Paragon defrag does fundamental defrag. I have spent several weeks comparing its work with many other defraggers. The result of defrag is EXCELLENT! But!! If you interrupt it on half way - forget your data, particularly for FAT32 systems.
What can be done in your case now, do you have backup of the partition(s) corrupted? If yes, then delete the existing partition and restore from backup. This is the most effective way. I have recovered from corrupted files problem using three utilities once - GetDataBack, PCInspector and Recuva.
Last two are free as far as I know.
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can you please elaborate?

> If you interrupt it on half way - forget your da
Huh? I got no warning whatsoever about this

> The result of defrag is EXCELLENT!
Good. But if an interrupt will corrupt my data, this software (Paragon) is a disastter..
> particularly for FAT32 systems
Nope, NTFS all over

> What can be done in your case now, do you have backup of the partition(s) corrupted?
Yes, I have a complete image stored before I started to experiment with recovery software

> If yes, then delete the existing partition and restore from backup. This is the most effective way.
In what way does this differ from starting right away with the corrputed partition?

> GetDataBack, PCInspector and Recuva.
Ok, I will try.
What I am wondering about now is - if data is corrupted after an interrupted defrag operation, will any of the software you suggest be able to detect how the chunkc fof data on my harddisk is supposed to be assembled again?

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