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checkdisk - chkdsk start up window 2003

I have a poweredge 20950 connect to 2-3 MD1000 (DAS) and one of the volume (md1000) need to run a check disk according to windows. The problem is if it run the check disk at start up which is the method that i am usually get good result with but take a long time to run and the server will be down and unable to access the other volume (file sharing). What i want to know is can i cancel the chkdsk and let windows start up completely and perform chkdsk on the console with windows running? I do aware that during the chkdsk i wont be able to access the files on this volume but can still access file on other volumes.
If so what options of chkdsk do i need to run?? With the start up chkdsk it seems like it only go to 3 stages (checking files, verifying.rebuild indexes ,and something) so is that the chkdsk with the F??

One time i ran a chkdsk on an external HD and it wiped everything out so i am a little nervous.
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