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Weird ide problem

Pc trys to boot, fan comes on for about 2 secs then all stops. Changed power supply dissconected eveything one piece at a time. Finaly found when i disconected the power from the hdd (NOT THE IDE CABLE) the computer started allbiet just to the boot screen as there was no hdd connected. Tried a different hdd no luck, tried swithching to ide 1 from ide 0 on the mb, no luck. so i tried diffrent ide leads no luck, then i thought i would relace the hdd with a cd/dvd drive and guess what booted into the post screen. Put the hdd back on and back to the problem again, ie pc tries to boot up but powers down after 2secs. Am i missing somthing here. Thanks to all  who take an intrest in this post Paul Angell from London UK.

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