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Location tab on Active Directory Objects

I have read several articles in this site referencing the ability to activate this "Browse" button associated with the "Location Tab" of Active Directory.

The general consensis seems to be that this is a tool to locate printers in a multi-site domain.

My question here is:

How is this just for printers when the location tab appears on every AD object?

I should be able to use this -once activated- to locate all of my domain resources if desired.

I am expanding my single site domain to a multi-site domain. Ultimatly I am trying to understand the best way to make sure things are segregated by site so that users in site A are shown to be in site A and get authentication from the DC in site A, Etc.

This location feature sounds like a good tool to do that with. If not with this feature, what do I do to segregate different site items?

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