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SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2008 Trial License/Product Key cannot be inserted or added

We installed the SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2008 Trial on a server. We figured that since it was a trial and requests a key, all we had to do is purchase 2 CPU keys for our server. So this is what we did or so we thought. The product description of what we purchased states:
SQLSvrEnt 2008 SNGL OLP NL 1Proc (copies=2). However, what we purchased appears to be the actual software that has the key imbedded.

I contacted Microsoft and stated, look we just need the activation key. This is what I thought we purchased. The information I received back from the licensing lady was that there is NO key to install for the trial version. That I must uninstall the trial version and install the full version. She stated, the actual key is embedded into the software.

The licensing lady from Microsoft let me know that I could contact Microsoft technical support (starting out at $250.00), to see if there was an actual work around for this or not.

So my question is:

Our SQL Server 2008 trial server is now LIVE because we thought we could simply purchase the "key" to install. What we purchased was the entire software with the key imbedded. So does anyone know of a work around for this issue? Will we need to take that server offline, uninstall the trial and install the full purchased SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2008?

The trial version specifically has a place to enter in a key. Why would Microsoft do such a thing if you cannot insert a key? I just do not buy what this lady is telling me. There has to be a way to upgrade that trial, without shelling out money to Microsoft.

Thank you in advance!
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