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Can inbound external email resolve recipients on nested Exchange 2007 dynamic distribution lists?

Does anyone know of a way to use an 'Email Enabled Universal Distribution Group' as an external address (i.e. "SpecialPurposeAddress@thisdomain.net" ) for distribution of email to internal recipients defined by a 'Dynamic Distribution Group'?

I have found that when external email is sent to an email enabled Univ Dist Group which contains both an explicit single recipient ( someone@thisdomain.net ) and a nested Dynamic Dist Group ( OganizationalGroup@thisdomain.net ) the message only gets delivered to the single recipient and not to any of the recipients within the Dynamic Dist Group.

Examining the receiver and content agent logs on the Edge Server I find instances of incoming messages but they only show the individual recipient as a recipient of the the message.  From this I infer that the dynamic distribution groups are not being properly queried or resolved to individual recipients.  

It is not clear to me after examining documentation whether or not the directory queries necessary for Dynamic Distribution Groups to be resolved to recipients can occur on an Edge server (ADAM based) or not.  If this is not possible, could the problem be solved by forcing group expansion on a non-edge server?

Any hints on this subject from someone who's 'been there done that' would be greatly appreciated.

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8/22/2022 - Mon

Make sure that all the DL (even nested DL's included) are universal distribution group. And they are allowed to accept emails from everyone.

Go to the properties of DL and click on mail flow settings. Then click on message delivery restriction and uncheck require all senders are authenticated.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Sorry, forgot to mention in initial post that all groups involved are set to accept messages without authentication ("Require that all senders are Authenticated" is unchecked, "Accept From" is set to All senders, and "Reject From" is set to No Senders ).

I'm not sure what you're implying when you say "Make sure that all the DL are universal"... unless there is some way to redefine the scope of a Dynamic Distribution Group as 'universal' which I am not familiar with?  I'm aware that the option of using a Mail-Enabled Universal Distribution Group as the external recipient with explicitly defined individual internal recipients *would* work (as evidenced by the fact that the individual address presently included does receive messages), but what I'm trying to find out is whether or not it is possible to have a DynDG nested within one work.

Try this out

1> Open Exchange Management Console
2> Go to properties of Test DDL from Management Console
3> On the Introduction Page of DDL under Organizational unit, click on browse and
select your domain name instead of any specific OU
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I believe you may be referring to a Server 2003 console, there is no "browse" button on the 'General' tab for a DDL in Exchange 2007?  I could edit the directory object to home it at the root of the domain using other means, but wonder what is the logic behind this change; the object is already getting properly replicated to the edge server where it is / what is the expected outcome of this alteration?

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