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Pc Freezes after installing XP service Pack 2

Hello Experts ,

I have a fujitsu siemens computer that worked very fine until it got infected by spyware,
When i try to reinstall it with Windows XP service Pack 3 or 2 everything goes fine
until last reboot, then when the logo comes, the bar is not running, and logo turns bleu ish
and he reboots in circle over and over.

Now i did some searching on the internet and found a forum with people who have
exactly the same problem as i have, they have fixed the problem by updating the
bios for the motherboard.
But i just can't find an update for my motherboard.
This is the pc i have
Scaleo 600 D1875
SN : 3868980016
this is the link to the forum with people who have the same problem.


THe only difference is they talk about version 1675 instead 1875,
all the rest is the same.

You're help is very appreciated.
Kind regards
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