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Virtualizing Domain Controllers with Hyper-V

This is the first of multiple questions on this subject just to put my mind at ease. I am looking to virtualize the "Primary Domain Controller" (DC01, Server 2008 EE) holding all FSMO roles in Hyper-V and make the Physical Host also a DC (DC02). My reasoning being that in the event of hardware failure I can move or restore (DC01) to another server and start it up and not have any issues and if this didn't work out I could seize the roles from this server. This machine within Hyper-V is set to start with the host will all subsequent VM's set to boot with a 5 minute delay. In my lab this has worked without a hitch. I have read many articles and blogs that reference this all in theory. I am looking for some people to respond with real world experience with a similar scenario. The client I am looking to set this up for is currently ~50 users.

Exchange questions will follow but this is the first step toward gaining some insight as to how I will ultimately implement this.
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