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Verizon Business FIOS drops connections to SonicWall TZ180

Verizon Business FIOS drops connections to SonicWall TZ180 every 15-20 minutes

When my neighborhood first got FIOS about three years ago, I couldn't wait to get it, but in order to get fixed public IPs, I had to shell out an extra 60 bucks a month for  Business FIOS. So I did, however I was originally told that the 15/2 MB service would be a constant connection, unlike DHCP with a TTL. I needed fixed IPs, so it seemed like a great fit.

Everything worked fine for about a year, then my neighbor has his Residential FIOS service installed, and in the process they cut my line, so it had to be re-installed. Shortly thereafter, Verizon assigned me five different IP addresses, and moved me to a different server. This required changes in the firewall, DNS,etc

One huge source of annoyance is that since that time Verizon drops the connection, unless you are actively clicking on the web browser.

If just eMail is open and scrolling the connection will drop off, and eMail scrolling will stop.

The quickest way to re-establish the connection is to launch the browser, and once it eventually comes up, switch to the eMail client and click on 'Get Mail". This happens on both Macs and PCs., and I have spent hours on the phone with Verizon all to no avail.

Searching google, I have found a substantial number of similar complaints, but no solutions.

It appears that as long as there is port 80/443 traffic, the TTL on the connection continues to be updated, probably in a database on a server, but email port 25/110 traffic does not seem to update the TTL., and after a few minutes the connection gets dropped.

I removed the SonicWall TZ180, and went back to the VERIZON Actiontec Model MI424WR FiOS Router, about three days ago, checked the firmware, and it is up to date.

Any Ideas ?
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