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Card reader driver update on Vostro 1510 for O2micro SD controller


I bought 2 microSD cards with adapters to SD, for my cell phone (because when I bought first and it didn't work in my card reader I thought it malfunctioned so I got another), but the problem is that my card reader on laptop (which is declared to read SD cards) Dell Vostro 1510 can't read them properly, errors occur (all sorts of, "Insert your card", "I/O error", if I try to format it, it says it cannot be formatted, etc).

I found out that some older card readers can't read SDHC cards and that they need firmware upgrade, so I'm guessing mine is one of them...

I was searching for the drivers but without success. I mean, I found some drivers and installed them but none of them worked for me, they just seem to update older drivers, but no support for SDHC. Those on official Dell page as well.

So can someone please tell me if there is any page where I could find this firmware upgrade for my Vostro 1510 o2micro controller, so it can read SDHC (with microSD card inserted to SD adapter)? Or any other solution you might have for me to read microSD HC card on my laptop card reader.

Just for your information, my card reader can normally read other types of cards (I tried MS ProDuo). I got winxpsp3.
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