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How can I use lytebox with my photo gallery?

Hi I'm trying to create a photo gallery using lytebox and need serious help. I have the page set up with thumbnails, and the thumbnails are linked to the bigger image but I think I must not have it set up right because when you click on the thumbnail it opens a new window and says the page does not exist. First of all, do I need to worry about this if I want to use Lytebox to view the images? If so, what can I do to fix it? Just publish a blank page with the full size image?

Secondly, and more importantly, what do I need to do to make those images open in a modal window with lytebox? I'm not well versed in web development and have no javascript experience. Please let me know if my question is too broad or not clear enough. I downloaded Lytebox v3 but am not sure how to go about using it.
The address of the page in question is www.foo.com/portfolio.html

Thanks a million in advance!
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