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MS Access integration with Tablet PC handwriting

I have a client who is interested in a MS Access Database solution for his small business.  However, he is also interested in incorporating his new tablet PC handwriting into the application as he often likes to take notes And wants his clients to be able to fill out his forms directly on his tablet PC during his service visits.

I have no experience with Tablet PCs, so I'm clueless if this is possible with Access.  From what I've researched, I've only been able to find the obvious that the "screen touches" by either his finger or stylus pen act the same as a mouse click, thus require nothing different programatically within Access.

My QUESTION is this... if I create a MS Access form, let's say that there is a text field on the form.  Can my client use HANDWRITING to fill in this text form field?  If so, do I need to do anything differently programatically?

Also, if my client takes hand written notes, can these notes also be somehow tied into the database application and tied to a particular database record.  I have no idea what type of recognition software he uses or what is even required to be compatible with Access.  Additionally, could his handwritten notes be taken directly within the MS Access application in a memo form field?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced!

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