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Search Engine Links Redirecting, need a fix.

I have been working on this issue for days. Seems there is a wealth of information about the problem but not much on how to fix it. Here is my problem. I can bring up any search engine in my browser, google is my favorite and conduct a search normally. I get search results normally, even tested on an uninfected computer to be sure I was getting actual search results. When I click on a result, I end up at an unexpected site, usually trying to sell me something. I have run virus scans, and spyware scans. The spyware scans included: Spybot, Malwarebytes, and cc cleaner. I have also used Hijack this to analyze my registry but found nothing out of place. I have also checked my dns settings, and my router and it all looks fine. As you can see, I have a real problem here as usually I can track down and find the culprit pretty easily. This started on Feb 26 when mindlessly browsing I allowed what looked like an Adobe flash player update to change a registry setting. Research has indicated that this is indeed a delivery method of the malware. Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated, I am at the point of wiping the drive and really cannot afford the hours of configuration to get back up to speed. Thanks in advance.
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