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Can't Locate my WAP54G

I am having issues locating my Linksys WAP54G (hardware version 2.0 firmware version 3.04) on my home and work network. I used the access point for a number of years at home and I recently upgraded to a newer access point and put the WAP54G away for a while. The other day I took it to work to set it up in the office for it to used for troubleshooting and I couldn't seem to locate it on the work network. So I brought the WAP54G home this weekend and tried to work with it on my home network and I have been unsuccessful so far here as well.

I can't remember what static IP address I had used on it before on my home network so I have reset the device to factory defaults. The problem is that it appears to be back to defaults by the lack of wireless security and the default "linksys" SSID but it does not sit at the default IP address of The access point works fine as I can connect to it with multiple laptops but I just can't seem to locate the devices IP address so that I can get into it and reconfigure it for the network at work.

My Setup:
Motorola SB5101
Linksys RVS4000 -
Linksys WAP54G2 -
Linksys WAP54G - ?????

I have the MAC address of the WAP54G but I have been unsuccessful in finding an IP address to go along with it. I have tried setting a static IP address on my laptop and then accessing the address with no luck. I have tried checking the ARP cache on my laptop as well as on the router with no luck, I have used "Angry IP Scanner" to scan the range of to and have come up with nothing that I didn't know about. I have also tried using the Linksys Setup Wizard software that came with the WAP54G and during the setup procedure its scans for wireless networks and does not find any even though I am connected to the access point.

How is it this difficult to find the IP address of a device on the network? Is there no way to identify the IP address of the access point I am connecting to? Is there some other way I can find out the IP address of the WAP54G?
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