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Need to insert Acrobat pdf form data into a mysql database using a php script

Hi everyone,

I've created a form in Acrobat 9 Professional on the mac. I'll be storing the form up on a web server and providing a link to the form via an html email invitation that I'm sending out. Basically the form is used so recipients can register for an event as outlined in the email invitation.

Once they've accessed the acrobat form and filled it out, I need the data from the form to be inserted into a database (probably mysql) but I'm not entirely sure how to go about it. I can probably create the mysql database table though. I know that in Acrobat, I need to supply a path to a php script on a server when I create the submit button on the form but I don't have access to this. Apparently I also need a couple of hidden fields with names that correspond to other parts of the script, like redirect etc.

I wondered if someone could provide this script and some instructions how to get it working?

Would really appreciate any help.

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