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Why sudden power loss with known good battery

With no recently added hardware. Recent activities = I let a TV website have access to my mic and webcam for game (itv.com/colour) which i completed but left it on for 5 minutes and returned to find it shutdown, Copy a customers files from her laptop which had a similar fault but that was 10-12 hour before.
Timeline the previous night and yesterday morn 28/02/09 I was working on transferring data from a laptop with an old battery which worked for 10 mins when on DC but in last 2 days died during use even when plugged in and battery says full. My daughter went onto Disney website for games about 6:30pm  and I went onto ITV about 8:30 - around 9pm My system started doing the shut down and even when re-booted it would reoccur in less than 3 mins. I tried disconnecting all the USB etc. in vain. The HDDs attached via USB were detached at this point.

It seemed to work ok with AC and no battery for 3 hours then I used the battery for 3 hours at which point I started a battery refresh but all previous attempts on customers laptop and mine to run a full battery on AC caused shutdown without error or warning.

The differences - her battery is old and cannot hold a decent charge and mine is new from the Dell as it was replaced along with the charger for "battery not recognised" error a few months ago (though it always charged and only showed the error on boot) and lasts 2-4 hours depending on load compared to her 15 minutes maximum.

Could there be a virus or program which shutdown systems when the battery is at full capacity with charger connected. At the moment I've used it either AC only, Battery only, or charging. There is no restore point or error displayed when it happens or error saying sysytem shutdown incorrectly, it did the same in safe mode. I've also tried restore but no restore point for at least a week, and lastly tried last known good. JUST SEEMS TO WEIRD / COINCIDENTAL THEY BOTH HAVE THE SAME SYMPTOMS.

The event viewer shows errors around 9pm - but i do not recognise the source especially the OBVIOUS. The event viewer has ACEEventviewer which was not there when i last checked (i know it's ATI) but I don't remember updating the driver etc and again no restore around/for the start date of the ACE events - usually a driver update creates a restore point (16/01/09) See file/s atteched.

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